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The OteCables story

We are OTESOUND, Czech rental company with 15years experience especially in live sound. In the course of our development and incoming new challenges, we have reached the point we were not able to find the proper products on the market meeting our specific practical requirements on signal and power stage equipment. These circumstances led us to build our own gear with focus on the highest quality of the components, maximum clarity in marking and robust construction design to comply better with our needs in show-technology rental business.

After some time touring with our own products we piqued the curiosity of colleagues we met on the road. Questions about our products piled up and requests for having the same multiplied. This led to our decision to establish the OTECABLES trademark and start to manufacture professional gear.

OTECABLES products have been developed to suit the demanding conditions of various types of shows, concerts, festivals, touring applications, corporate events, theaters, sport competitions and last but not least also broadcasting and recording studio world.

All OTECABLES products are designed in cooperation with top sound engineers to meet their specific requirements and tested in real-world conditions. Every product is assembled and individually checked during the proper output quality control. The OTECABLES production is located in Brno, Czech Republic while employs mainly the local manufactures using the world’s finest components.

Our primary goal is to guarantee the long life and the best performance even in challenging circumstances of the touring business. Our experience proves that clear and systematic marking of cables and distribution systems leads to minimization of errors during changeovers and simplifies the fast fixing of incidental mistakes. Additionally, the modularity and flexibility of using the particular components also proved to be crucial.

OTECABLES portfolio features all necessary cabling including the advanced hybrid cables, variable stage snake systems with wide range of configurations, refined audio splitters as the OTECABLES flagship and the newest series of sophisticated DIVerse passive DI boxes.


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